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00:00 Introduction
12:50 Why Should We Read The Bible?
26:58 Self at the Center
38:22 Basic Bible Interpretation Method
1:28:30 Application: Applying God’s Word Today

Video: Famous Last Words

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Zuck, Roy. Basic Bible Interpretation.
1991. David C. Cook Pub. Colorado Springs, CO

Richards & O’Brien. Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes.
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Bible Study Method:

Interpretation and Application

Interpretation: What does the passage mean?

Basic Interpretation Method
1. Who wrote/spoke and who was being spoken to?

2. What does the passage say?

3. Are there words or phrases that need to be examined?

4.What is the immediate context?

5. What is the broader context?

6.Any related verses to the subject and how do they affect the passage?

7. What is the historical and cultural background?

8. What do I conclude from the passage?

9. Do my conclusions agree or disagree with the related areas of scripture and others who have studied the passage?

10. What have I learned and what, if anything, do I apply to my life?

Application: What does the passage mean FOR ME?
Applying God’s Word Today.

Nine Guidelines for Relevance-and-Response Application

1. Build Application on Interpretation

2. Determine What Was Expected of The Original Audience

3. Base Applications on Elements Present-day Readers Share with the Original Audience

4. Recognize How God’s Working Varies in Different Ages

5. Determine What Is Normative for Today

6. See the Principle Inherent in the Text

7. Think of the Principle as a Bridge to Application

8. Write Out Specific Action Responses

S.P.E.C.S – Does the passage speak of any:
a) SIN to be forsaken?
b) Promise to be claimed?
c) Example to be followed?
d) Command to be obeyed?
e) Stumbling block to be avoided?

9. Rely on the Holy Spirit

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