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“Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise… And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power…”

James 5:13-16


  • I’m praying for the people around the world. I’m praying for Brother Brad, Sister Summer and Brother redux, and all the ones who specifically asked for prayer. If you didn’t ask for prayer, I’m still praying for you guys. I hope you all know how much I love you and appreciate you. Being in the chat with you all helps me to not feel so alone. Brothers Eddie and Elbert, I haven’t forgotten you guys. I pray for each and every one of you on the prayer request list. I love you all. Kelly

  • I am praying on my knees and most of the day for God’s help with smoking. I quit everything else but I must have picked up a tobacco demon somewhere. I’ve been to the smoking cessation clinic so many times they’ve blacklisted me. I thought maybe you would know something being it’s N. Carolina and all. I’ve been to the altar numerous times and am on the the men’s discipleship club prayer list at my church. I came to Christ 1/19 after a twenty year search in all the wrong places after getting sober in ’99. My earthly father smoked 5 packs a day and all my living siblings still do so it may be familial and he grew up in that area too. Nobody that I know of in this area is casting out demons. Every night I smoke my last one ever but am up at 3am to visit my Pakistani friend at the Chevron. station

  • Hello, I would like prayer for a godly husband..I know that the days are getting short, but this is a strong desire of mine. Let’s just say that Scripture says it is better to marry than to burn. For background, I am almost 30, and have only “dated” one guy in my whole life when I was 20, and I broke up with him because he wasn’t a serious Christian, and I have been very single since then– I’m very inexperienced. I go to a good, Bible teaching church, but men are scarce it seems..I’m trying a Christian dating app, and it’s just hard to find mature men who want marriage and who are devoted to the Lord and treasure the Gospel. It feels hopeless and very, very lonely at times.

  • Please pray for our family friend, James. He has had something happen to him where his cognition is severely impaired. Of course he doesn’t see it. But we all do. I have been trying desperately to help him by talking to his doctors and hospital staff/Nurses, etc. He has been in and out if the emergency room for a couple of months now. The hospital and the primary care physician have made me his family liaison if sorts. They all call me to give me information and to get his information so we can work together to help him. He us in stage 3 renal failure. He has 2 blood clots in his lungs. He has significant brain shrinkage that, for his age (60) was surprising even to his doctors. So, there are MANY other health issues he is suffering as well. Thank you to all will pray for our friend. I also found out yesterday at his doctor appointment, that he went to Kroger pharmacy and got the vaccination for covid, even after I talked to him explaining the risks. With his current blood clot issues, it concerns me! James isn’t a Christian man. I don’t even know if he would understand the gospel of Jesus Christ if I told him. Today, I’m going to talk to him about that. SO important!! Much love, my friends. I will pray for you all as well. I have been praying for many of you nightly, BY NAME. I love you all so much,

    • Teresa, girl, I’ve been there! Depression is a dark and painful place. I went through a very long battle with depression. I’ve actually been depressed my entire life. But I went through an especially hard time with it that lasted close to 3 years. I neglected my health. I came out of that dark place with the help and direction of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I found that engaging in chat on brother Brad’s channel and listening to his videos along with reading my bible, praying and finding a church that is bible based and thorough with reading and explaining scripture helped me so much! Honestly, only immerse yourself in everything biblical. Listen to gospel music, turn off the television, listen to Ligoner Ministries and channels like brother Brad’s, find a bible study group, pray, and try to find ways to help someone else out. Together, with worship and praise is the best thing I can advise you with. I know it’s been a while since you posted this but I’ll pray for you. I hope you’re feeling better now. Sometimes just getting it off your chest helps. Even writing it down helps. God bless you sister. Much love, Kelly Henson

  • Please pray, our lord by his spirit would please give me the strength to overcome the area’s in my life HE Know’s i would like to be removed! And you use me as willing vessel unto death if that be thy will oh lord! In Jesus Mighty Matchless Magnificent Glorious Holy Name Amen

  • Please pray for my brother, Kevin. He is in the hospital with pneumonia and tested positive for the Covid-19 thing (which I’m not as concerned about). The pneumonia is what I’m concerned about. He’s so exhausted that he can’t even text message. He’s been in for a week. He waited 9 days before FINALLY going to the emergency room because he wanted to kick it by himself. He had been running a 102° temperature for 9 days straight. They’re treating him with Remdesuvir and steroids, and he’s using a C-PAP machine. After a week, he’s showing zero improvement. I’m 900 miles away from him and can’t get to him to talk to his doctors or nurses or see him. He’s a 54 year old Christian man. I have faith that God will heal him. His wife tested positive for Covid-19 so she can’t go see him. She’s sick too, but isn’t nearly as bad as him. I’m sorry this is so long. I love you all. Kelly

      • Thank you brother redux. My brother is in God’s mighty and merciful hands. He isn’t doing any better ad of yesterday, I haven’t heard anything yet this morning. But Father has a plan for Kevin. I have faith that if it is HIS will, Kevin will be healed. I pray God guides the doctors and nurses in my brother’s care and treatment. I trust in our Lord. Thank you so much for the prayers. It’s so hard to be so far away from him and the rest of my siblings in times like this. My family in Christ on Brad’s channel have truly been a blessing and I sincerely love you guys. Kelly ❤

  • Please pray for me (Daniel). Unemployed, don’t have transportation and to put the cherry on top, have an eye infection which has one of them swollen shut. I sought medical care and I am now all hopped up on antibiotics, but could still use some spiritual support. I often get very frustrated, but try and just ignore those thoughts, live my life day to day and put my trust in my Faith.

  • Greetings Family! I found y’all through Days of Noah and his YT work. I am a firm believer in our Sovereign God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I also believe The Bible is 100% true, inerrant, and sufficient for life and godliness. I am searching for a good local church (so hard to find these days) and also struggling to get through each day. I feel like I am in raw survival mode…but I also know all my needs are met in Christ. Please pray for me that my faith will become stronger and my life will reflect more of Jesus. Thank you.

  • They just put my brother on a ventilator. I’m having a hard time. We all are. We know Kevin is in God’s hands. He’s a follower of Jesus Christ. That’s a comfort. He also had the chance to talk to a pastor right before he had the procedure done. That too is a comfort. Please pray for our Lord to take him swiftly, if it’s HIS will to take him home to heaven. Please pray he doesn’t have pain or struggle of any kind. Please pray for his comfort. Also, please pray for his wife and children. Please pray for all of us to be comfort in this scary time. Thank you guys. I love you all and haven’t forgotten about your need of prayer. I’m praying for you all too. Love you all, Kelly

  • Where to start? I need continued prayer not to drink. I have not completely quit but really desire to 100% so I can lead a more faithful walk with God. My oldest son (18) thinks he is bi-sexual and has no desire to be a Christian currently. My husband is highly addicted to video games and marijuana. I feel like my family is a mess of problems. (Myself included, not singling anyone out as worse than another) I currently am the only one reading the Bible and listening to sermons and being convicted of Ungodly behavior. We all need prayers! I really want to see my son saved. I am worried most about him. Thank you everyone! ❤

  • Update on my brother, Kevin:
    Please continue to pray for Kevin. He underwent major surgery today to place a tracheotomy and PEG tube ( feeding tube) . He’s still on the ventilator. Today Mark’s a month of being on the ventilator. He survived the surgery. His numbers are beginning to level out, or whatever…going back to the way they were before the surgery. I’m sure these next few days are going to be very hard on him. He’s of course, still in the medically induced coma. Praying he makes a full recovery…or that our Lord takes him home to be with HIM in heaven. Please continue to pray! Thank you all for your prayers and support during this very difficult time. God bless you all. I love y’all.

  • Hi everyone, I am facing a very difficult situation, and I would appreciate prayer. It’s a very long story, but I will try to keep it brief. I am 55 years old, and I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. A year or so ago I moved into the spare bedroom of the two-bedroom apartment where my elderly parents live. We had intended this to be a short-term arrangement. Unfortunately I faced job and financial setbacks this year which weren’t my fault, and a few medical issues as well. So now I am still living in my parents’ apartment. The man who lives in the apartment next to us is the landlady’s nephew. He seems to be a very private person, and never would even speak to us. He uses the room next to my room to smoke cigarettes and marijuana usually in the middle of the night. I would often get up and open the window and turn the fan toward that wall because I didn’t like smelling it. Over time this man apparently became very annoyed with me for some reason and perhaps may have been irritated by overhearing Christian music and programming (which I play at normal volume) but I don’t know for sure. I suspect he is mad because I moved in next to his smoking room, where the room was empty before, and that spoiled his privacy, so he came up with a scheme to try to force me out. He started spraying extreme amounts of a lysol type of product directly onto the wall ( many walls are actually porous, designed so trapped moisture may escape) and this is far beyond any type of normal use. He does this several times a day and the spray comes thru the wall into my room. It is so bad that the whole room is totally saturated with this spray and I have to leave the room because the air is sickening to breathe the spray is so heavy. The spray is so strong it literally takes your breath away. Opening the window and turning a fan toward the wall where he sprays does little to clear the air in the room. It lingers for a long time after this happens. My name is not on the lease as a lessee, although the landlady permits me to live here. My father who I don’t think is a Christian, absolutely forbids me to say anything to the landlady or to her nephew about this harassment I am bombarded with, telling me he does not want trouble with them and especially because it is her nephew next door. I have no problem with moving out but I have absolutely nowhere to go. I don’t have much money due to the setbacks I mentioned. The only thing I can think of is to take my car and drive to Florida ( I am in Indiana) so that for what nights I might have to spend in my car, it will not be so cold since it is winter. I know I cannot stay here long. My Dad claims I am overreacting and that the spray is not that big of a deal, and he is upset with me for sleeping in the hallway because I can no longer sleep in my room. I just know that staying here is not an option because this man will just do this worse and worse until I move out. This is like torment to me, I tell you honestly, that is how bad it is, and I have no real recourse. Something in my spirit just wants to get away from this evil man. Thank you so much for listening!

  • Father God. I ask in the name and blood of our Lord and Your son Jesus Christ. Because in my own name I am not known and my own blood I am not worthy. For Your glory. For Your pleasure. For my ancestors honor. For my wife’s ancestors sake. For everyone who cares about her For everyone who cares about me. For the encouragement of all who have prayed for us For my wife’s sisters sake. For the angels to be encouraged. For the demons to be discouraged and in despair. For the believers faith to be strengthened. For the non believers to give them a reason to believe, and a witness against them if they do not. Forgive all the sins of my wife and the sins of myself. Bless us with Your salvation and favor give us grace and treat us mercifully. I thankyou for my marriage. I thankyou for the blessings You have put on it. I ask that it last now and forever. I thank you for my wife A, and I thank you how I was blessed with her. I pray to be more patient and trusting of her. I pray that A is never unfaithful to me not even close and that she is divinely protected from this sin. I pray for all of our days you increase our love for another and continue to bless us and make us happier and happier together. I also must admit that I need help getting a career employment. I have been looking for a career but have not yet got one. If God is willing I ask for a good job with good pay so I may provide for myself and my wife. I ask to always be blessed financially and to have a giving heart to help those when I can and should. I also pray once I have money to be wise with it but also to be able to enjoy it. I also have 12 unspoken requests God knows. I pray and ask and declare all of these things now and forever. I also ask that God protects the health of myself and my wife. That He protects us from all harm and disease, and that we never get cancer. And that we may live healthy long lives that are pleasing to Him and that we die of old age not by anything else and when we do all by His grace alone go to heaven. Each blessing I ask for I pray relies on Your grace and mercy alone. So I never have a reason to boast but always a reason to thank You and praise You in the powerful name of Jesus Christ amen

  • Update on Kelly, our dear friend and sister in Christ passed away on Feb 14th. Her family is mourning and we need to be praying for their comfort in Christ and that her passing doesn’t harden any hearts toward God. That they may draw closer to Him and not be angry with Him. And please continue to pray for her son, whom she was worried about. He was not a believer and she wanted to see him come to Jesus. Don’t let her death stop the prayers for her family. Lift them up to Jesus and stay in prayer for our sister is no longer here to do so and she needs us more now then ever to pray for her family!

  • Blessings family,
    A family friend, Kevin O’Marah, has undergone brain surgery today for a tumor removal. He is understandably frightened and in need of prayers for healing, courage, comfort and peace. Please keep him in your daily prayers. Much love, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

  • Hi there!
    We did not remove your comment, so not sure how that happened. Very sorry! Maybe try posting it again?
    We’ve been in the process of moving our server so perhaps that’s the reason!
    God bless you and yours,

    • Ah yes that is probably what happened. My prayer request was for my marriage (been very very difficult) and for personal vision/direction (I am praying for this). Thank you for the reply. God bless.

  • Thank you for your past prayers. I have found a gathering of believers here on the Agean coast of Turkey.
    I would also ask your forgiveness if at any way I may have been contrary to the Gospel and pray also that the Lord lights my path. I am very concerned about the events that have occurred on AoT recently and wish to inform you of my sincerest intentions on any post that I made. It was meant only to show that The Good News and salvation are the most important issues in life. All else falls into place in the Lord’s all knowing time. God bless you Brad and Summer and thank you for the encouragement.

  • i am submitting this prayer request on behalf of myself tonight. im 35 and still battling with alcohol and pron, i love my wife dearly and have periodically gone months at a time with neither beer or pron. im currently in web development classes and the coding classes are extremely hard for me to comprehend. i cannot support my family or even respect myself if i cannot climb out of this dead end job pit that i am in. i dont want to be a hotshot designer raking in the cash, i want to learn these tools to support my wife and family and to one day design content on websites to glorify our heavenly father and i need strength willpower and a sober mind for this. and i pray for amos84, smoking is extremely addicting and i grew up in them north georgia mountains so i know first hand how popular them cancer sticks are haha. all praises to the most high God, thank you for hearing me.

    • Keep us updated on how it’s going. You are not alone in these struggles.
      Always remember, in this life, the unsaved receive justice. God’s people receive discipline. If you are in Christ, your struggles are there to form you, to grow you in sanctification. No pain, hardship, or struggle can come into our life without God has allowed it. If He allowed it, He knows about it. That means that He is your refuge. He has all power, and all wisdom, and knows you inside and out. Call out to Christ. He is faithful to answer!
      Here is a link to Pastor/Author Jim Osman teaching his congregation how to think about God’s discipline. I have learned A LOT from this series. God bless!

  • I need to stop drinking. It has, and still is, ruining my life.
    I hate this addiction.
    I am asking, please, for prayers come my way.
    I am so weak. It is awful.
    Thank you.
    Have a most Blessed day.