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Brad Ward: Founder, Director
Summer Black Ward: President, Director of Research, Branding & Creative

Grace and peace to you. My name is Brad. My wife Summer and I run this media ministry. We speak to a wide internet audience engaging in cultural apologetics to defend the Faith. We have a heart for those who only know about Christ from what they see and hear online or perhaps found themselves in a lukewarm or otherwise false church. We believe the internet today is a vast and underserved mission field. It is also a minefield of false teaching. There are endless versions and deceptions that call themselves Christian online, leading people away from the truth. We strive, by God’s grace, to openly proclaim Christ as King and His Gospel with the prayer that God would sovereignly draw and redeem unbelievers while we also labor to prepare the hearts of believers for the onslaught of false teaching and hostility toward God and His people. We believe there must be a response to secularism, autonomy, and perversions of the gospel (Jude 3). Truth in the age of technocracy, scientism and pop atheism.

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