Live blood analysis reveals strange objects in the blood of those who have received a COVID vaccination.

What is Darkfield Blood Microscopy Live Blood Analysis?

Dark-field microscopy is a technique that can be used for the observation of living, unstained cells and microorganisms. In this microscopy, the specimen is brightly illuminated while the background is dark. It is one type of light microscope, others being bright-field, phase-contrast, differential interface contrast, and fluorescence.

In addition to the conventional internal medicine evaluation of various blood cells by form and structure, the analysis provides information about the so-called “milieu” or “internal environment” and the functioning of the blood cells. It offers a unique opportunity to evaluate the overall condition of the bodily environment.

A drop of blood is taken with a small gauge needle and immediately, without fixation and dying, examined together with the patient with a special darkfield microscope with 500x -1000x magnification by means of video transmission. The examination itself takes about 20 minutes.

Peggy Marienfeld Naturopathic Doctor
1987 Graduated
1990 Medical assistant
1990-94 Studied naturopathy
1994-97 Studied homeopathy

Professional experiences
1993 – 95 Assistant to Franz Arnoul
1994-2005 Own practice, Frankfurt Germany

After running a busy clinic near Frankfurt for 11 years, Peggy moved to Bali in 2005 and opened her own clinic. She has more than 25 years of experience in natural medicine practice and educating other practitioners.

Live Blood Analysis
Allergy Testing & Treatments
Excellent communication skills.
Natural Anti-Aging
Neural Therapy
Nutrition for your Type and Pathology Testing
FRANZ ARNOUL: expert in darkfield diagnostics/blood analysis. His work is published in Introduction to Darkfield Diagnostics: The examination of native blood according to Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein.

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