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00:00 Poll Question: Dis Jesus exist?
11:33 How to handle this mythicist claim
25:45 Earl Doherty “The Jesus Puzzle”
36;06 Zeitgeist mythicism refuted
56:43 Is Christian Faith reasonable?
1:19:54 Zionism and Christian Zionism defined
1:32:50 Dr. Skrbina’s central mythicist argument refuted
1:59:00 How do we know anything about history?
2:22:33 Conclusion and why the New Testament IS reliable

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Mike Licona responding to Acahrya S. (and Zeitgeist by extension) regarding the many false claims about the origins of Christianity

Did Paul Invent Christianity?
Adam Green videos on Bitchute:
Is Jesus a Myth? Examining the Evidence

The Jesus Hoax to Deceive the Gentiles | Know More News LIVE w/ David Skrbina, PhD

Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources. Probe Ministries.
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