1- If Calvinism is true, whomever God provides “irresistible grace” to will go to heaven and not suffer eternal hell.

2- If God is omnibenevolent, He would not desire to, nor would He, send anyone to suffer eternal hell for choices they were powerless to make without God’s irresistible grace.

3- If God is omnipotent, he could provide irresistible grace to all people.

4- If God is omniscient, he would know how to provide irresistible grace to all people.

5- Some people suffer eternal hell.

6- Therefore, either God is not omnibenevolent, or not omnipotent, or not omniscient (pick at least one), or irresistible grace (and Calvinism) is false.

James White responds to an argument presented by Dr. Tim Stratton which he styles the Omni Argument Against Calvinism. Read the Article https://www.aomin.org/aoblog/theologymatters/the-omnis-argument-against-calvinism/

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