We must abolish the United Nations and DEFUND IT.

The Battle Between Theology and Theosophy

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“The United Nations is a religious organization, and the religion behind it is a cult. More specifically, it is a theosophical cult based on an “evolutionary” vision for mankind that it wants to control. This fact is revealed in a strange book by late UN big-wig and creator of the World Core Curriculum (Common Core in the United States), Robert Muller, from about 25 years ago titled 2000 Ideas for a Better World, which he published in four volumes in the lead-up to the year 2000 (links below). Muller delivered this book and a summary of the key spiritual points to the UN Secretary-General in March of 1999 in advance of the Millennium Assembly with the hope that it would guide UN global policy and global spirituality in the 21st century and third millennium. He then went on to publish five thousand more ideas. The book is shocking in its contents, and in this episode of the New Discourses Podcast, host James Lindsay dives into a rather narrow sample of the troubling ideas contained in the summary document Muller stressed to the UN Secretary-General to set the agenda for our current century. Join him to find out what the UN really is. Muller’s book: Volume IVolume IIVolume IIIVolume IV.”

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