Chapters for quick reference
0:00 – Intro: Free Bibles and tracts giveaway
8:56 – Disclaimer: Why this series?
16:22 – Poll Question: Why did Jesus Give the 12 Disciples authority to cast out demons?
23:35 – Where does truth come from? Is the Bible enough?
1:02:57 – Who are we to model? (pattern our life after)
1:14:42 – Believing in the power of the word
1:43:55 – Recognizing the enemy’s strategies
2:10:06 – Countering the enemy’s strategies
2:34:12 – Overcoming the enemy’s lies (dealing with doubt)
2:59:05 – Proclaiming the Word
3:16:09 – Why did Jesus give the 12 Disciples authority to cast out demons?


Devotionals and Study Bibles
My Comfort is Jesus (365 Day Bible Devotional)
The Reformation Study Bible (Conservative, Reformed Theology)
Charles Ryrie Study Bible (Available in KJV, NASB, ESV, NIV…)
ESV Archaeology Study Bible

Spiritual Warfare:
Book: Holy Rebellion: A Strategy for Spiritual Warfare By Jim Osman
Book: Truth or Territory By Jim Osman
Video: Bad Bible Study Is Dangerous Brad from Carolina

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Course: The School of Biblical Evangelism
Blog: Memorizing Scripture
Book: School Of Biblical Evangelism: 101 Lessons: How To Share Your Faith Simply

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Website for books by Chuck Lawless

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