G3’s blog this month writes an important message every Christian should know.

“A missionary and I encountered a man in Ecuador we both felt was demon possessed. He was practicing witchcraft on a street corner. We shared the gospel of grace with him, but he rejected it. As we walked away, the missionary asked, “Have you ever cast out a demon?”  

“No,” I said, “nor would I.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because I care for that man more than that,” I replied. 

The missionary said, “What? If you cared for him, you’d exorcise the demon.” 

I said, “What do you think that demon will do? Jesus said he will go recruit seven other demons to possess the man, and he will be worse off than he is now. He doesn’t need a demon-cleansing: He needs the gospel.” 

Read or listen to the full teaching by Chip Thornton:


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