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For those who do not stand firmly on the revealed truth of God’s Word, deceptions will be difficult to discern from reality as technology and technocracy progress. Popular Boogeymen like The Russians & Terrorism will advanced to threats that they will claim are coming even from outer space. Whether it be Asteroids, Comets or UFOs and Aliens, rest assured it will be a counterfeit brought to you by those who serve the adversary, That Old Dragon, Serpent, Satan and and they will tell you that the only savior you have is those who seek to own you and enslave you in a New World Religion of obedience to the Spirit of Antichrist which may come in the form of a global government that promises peace and prosperity in exchange for obedience. God’s truth will keep you from falling into such traps of control and exaction of rights and freedoms.

Book reference and Link:

“The New World Religion: The Spiritual Roots of Global Government” February 1, 1999 pp. 274-276
by Gary H. Kah

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