Agenda 21: History & Purpose

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    It’s very important to also know that the primary reason for these articles and reports of such technology finding their way into the public domain is because that is how consent is of the public is acquired. By telling you that this is what they are doing, they are informing you of their intentions and thus, legally, manufacturing mass consent. This is also how public consent for geo-engineering in the form of spraying compounds via aerosols into the atmosphere is achieved. For spraying the skies, they placed small announcements in newspapers countrywide many years ago and when nobody (or not significant number of citizens) showed up to deter the process, via the legal system, they gained legal public consent. Be aware that your leaders do not work for you and they not follow any moral code nor any constitutional law that they can successfully circumvent.

    1. Sometimes, when people speak of achieving public consent, they seem to be speaking about another legal system, not what you seem to be speaking of here. What I mean is, it seems like they’re looking for our spiritual consent to do the things that they* do to us*.

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