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John’s Links:

Christian Truth Through Apologetics (website)

JMDApologetics101 (YouTube)

John’s Background:

John Dunfee is a young adult who came to faith in true Christianity through apologetics. John has been studying apologetics for the past five years and hopes to put his studies to use. His main target is to equip young Christian teenagers in order to prepare them for defending their faith and answering questions for those who ask. This website was started after John attended the Cross Examined instructor academy in Plano, Texas. He got to meet Dr. Frank Turek, James Warner Wallace, Greg Koukl, Bobby Conway, Dr. Richard Howe, Brett Kunkle, Allen Hainline, and Jorge Gil. John has learned many new skills regarding apologetics and hopes to use them to help equip others with good apologetics skills. The main goal of his ministry is to use his skills and share the Truth of the Christian message through Apologetics. John holds that apologetics will be the next evangelism for the next generation. As a young adult himself, he hopes to reach his dying generation of Christians who struggle with their faith. He runs a YouTube channel and other platforms for spreading the Christian Truth Through Apologetics. Please help spread the Truth of the Gospel through Apologetics.

#Apologetics #Philosophy

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