Creation and evolution

God created the universe and all that is in it by his creative effort. God brought the universe into existence by the exertion of his will. Within Christianity there is room for the interpretation of the six creation days (Genesis 1:1-31) to be literal seven 24 hour periods but also longer periods. Nevertheless, Adam and Eve were real people, created by God just as Genesis says. We do not affirm macro evolution (the formation of life on earth from a single cell that evolved via natural selection over millions of years into the species now seen all over the earth) or theistic evolution (that God guided macro evolution to bring humanity into existence). We deny them both. However, micro evolution, the modification of existing species with existing genetic information that allows species to adapt to environments, is within the realm of Christian orthodoxy. We did not evolve from other species into our present condition. God did not guide evolution of species by which humanity, the animal kingdom, or the plant kingdom was developed. The General theory of evolution is unscriptural and counterfactual (in opposition to available facts).