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behind the green mask United Nations
agenda 21 and the author is Rosa Corey
she has outlined the foundation so well
that there's no way I could improve on
it and that's why I've asked her for
permission to read the selection through
her research she found that much of the
funding and power to implement local UN
Agenda 21 sustainable development
land-use programs comes through the
diversion of property taxes to
redevelopment agencies and the methods
used to implement social engineering the
arm of United Nations agenda 21 is long
and reaches into every area of the world
the philosophy of communitarianism
pervades this plan communitarianism
purports to balance the rights of the
individual with the so called rights of
the community
because the rights of the community are
not defined in a constitution they can
change without warning or notice one's
individual rights are balanced against
continuously redefined amorphous
rulebook the slogan of un agenda 21 to
protect the rights of future generations
in all species against the potential
crimes of the present is both a
smokescreen and a declaration of
entitlement by standing on this high
sounding premise the rights of the
individual are called selfish and those
who would fight for them slurred as
the green mask must be drawn back far
back from the personalities
the little dictators running trusts
foundations planning departments city
and town councils provinces and states
non-governmental foundations and the
like the green mask must be removed from
those who have hijacked the
environmental movement under the banner
of saving the planet we are drowning
Liberty your government is a corporate
okra see a new authoritarian state in
the process of consolidating your output
into a more controllable exploitable
Channel the technology that is being
marketed to you is actually being used
to condition you to expect to be spied
upon and to spy on others every
totalitarian state in history has relied
on data collection your government now
has technological capabilities that far
exceed anything ever seen on the planet
to date you're in the midst of the
biggest public relations scam in the
history of the world the pretty pastel
vision of life in a Smart Growth
development is a manipulation a mask in
fact these plans are designed to
restrict your freedom awareness is the
first step in the resistance and the US
Constitution we are guaranteed rights
that we were born with life liberty and
the pursuit of happiness that lasts
right happiness under the philosophy of
john locke was property property is not
just land you are your own property so
how can you balance individual rights
with those of the community the
community has no rights
under the United States Constitution
individuals have rights and
responsibilities but the community as a
whole what is that the collective
whenever you balance or subsume or
subordinate or consensus eyes the
individuals rights you'll get something
different from what we are guaranteed
Constitution communitarianism balancing
your individual rights with the rights
of the community the global community
this is being pitched to you as the new
enlightened form of political discourse
you are selfish
if you insist on your individual rights
and freedoms this is the justification
for you in agenda 21 sustainable
for the good of the planet for
everyone's security will your 15 year
old daughter be strip searched at the
airport will you be taxed with driving
15 miles to work instead of riding your
bike will you be fine for watering your
vegetable garden will your smart meter
be used to tell advertisers what to sell
you will you're smart vehicle with
remote shut-off capability be shut down
by someone in your state capital while
you're driving will your neighbor report
you to the community oriented policing
unit of your local police department
because you seem to be acting strangely
will you be denied the right to use the
water in your well will you be required
to pay triple your original electricity
rates because your town has decided to
go into the power business will you be
accused of not caring about the planet
if you question sustainable development
your rights have been balanced welcome
to the new world order considering its
policies are woven into all of the
general plans of the cities and counties
in the United States it is important for
people to know where these policies are
coming from while many support the
United Nations for its peacemaking
efforts few know that it has very
specific land use policies that it once
implemented in every city county state
and nation
the specific plan is called United
Nations agenda 21 sustainable
development the agenda for the 21st
century the plan calls for governments
to take control of all land use and not
leave any of the decision-making in the
hands of private property owners it is
assumed the people are not good stewards
of their land
and the government will do a better job
if it is in control individual rights in
general are to give way to the needs of
communities as determined by a globalist
governing body moreover people should be
rounded up off of the land and packed
into human settlements or islands of
human habitation as they're called in UN
agenda21 documents another program
called the wild lands project spells out
how most of the land is to be set aside
for non humans
in anticipation of our objections to
such plans our civil rights will be
dissolved only then will there be social
justice which is a cornerstone of the UN
Agenda 21 plan and are telling you that
you are terrible for wanting privacy
for not wanting to be dictated to for
not going along to get along the push is
for people to get off of the land become
more dependent to get out of the suburbs
and into the cities
it's about remaking cities and rural
areas to the sustainable model
high density urban development without
parking for cars is the goal they call
them transit villages this means that
whole towns need to be demolished and
rebuilt in the image of sustainable
development we're losing our homes since
this recession flash Depression began
and many of us could never afford those
homes to begin with we got cheap money
use whatever we had just squeak into
those homes and now some of us lost them
we were lured indebted and sunk
whole neighborhoods are empty in some
places some are being bulldozed cities
cannot afford to extend services outside
of their core areas slowly people will
not be able to afford single-family
homes will not be able to afford private
cars will be more dependent more
restricted more easily watched and
this plan is a whole life plan it
involves the educational system the
energy market the transportation system
the governmental system the healthcare
system food production and more the plan
is to restrict your choices limit your
funds narrow your freedoms and take away
your voice
one of the ways is by using the Delphi
technique to manufacture consensus
another is to infiltrate community
groups or actually start neighborhood
associations with hand-picked leaders
another is to groom and train future
candidates for local offices another is
to sponsor non-governmental groups that
go into schools and train children
another is to offer federal and private
grants and funding for local programs
that further the agenda another
is to educate a new generation of land
use planners to require new urbanism
another is to convert factories to other
uses introduce energy measures that
penalize manufacturing and set energy
consumption goals to pre-1985 levels
another to allow unregulated immigration
in order to lower standards of living
and drain local resources the three
cornerstones of un agenda 21 sustainable
development are economy ecology and
social equity loss of services to
outlying areas means for example roads
not being maintained to rural and
suburban areas roads not being
maintained to those areas schools not
being supported in those areas law
enforcement fire social services not
being supported in those areas means a
gradual movement into the denser city
centers add to that the increased cost
of gasoline which is manipulated
and the higher cost of energy which is
manipulated and you have more pressure
to leave rural and suburban areas
reduction of energy you should usage is
key smart growth new urbanism in
redevelopment areas is the supposed
answer smaller units attached condos
little or no parking few private cars
more eyes on the street
redevelopment projects are one
implementation arm of the UN plan and
include rezoning of huge sections of
your cities to smart growth zones this
physical manifestation of UN Agenda 21
is social engineering paid for with your
property tax dollars add to this
pressure climate protection campaigns to
reduce our energy usage to pre-1985
levels and increased regulations on
industry and you have the perfect storm
for loss of jobs and greater dependence
on other countries for goods as the
population becomes more and more
urbanized and less able to provide food
or necessary products more people will
be dependent on the government for
housing food and other basic necessities
government itself becomes dependent on
grants and loans with requirements
attached and this way policymakers are
influenced and pressured by the
corporate Achra see public-private
partnerships favor some businesses over
others and completely unbalance the
playing field
businesses go bankrupt
poverty works its way into the middle
class as a major leveler loss of money
land food and energy independence will
bring the United States into social
equality this is a goal of agenda 21 in
1976 the UN conference on human
settlements stated in its preamble
private land ownership is is also a
principal instrument of accumulation and
concentration of wealth and therefore
contributes to social injustice public
control of land news is therefore
indispensable think about the
implications of that you might have
thought that social equity would mean
that the poor would be raised up but
it's the green mask warehousing of the
poor is the result and crime will result
community oriented policing under the
Department of Justice will encourage if
not require people to watch their
neighbors and report suspicious activity
more activity will be identified as
such as obesity smoking drinking when
you have a drinking problem
leaving lights on breaking a curfew and
failure to do mandatory volunteering
the community will demand more law
enforcement to restore order and more
rules and regulations will ensue the
lines between government and
non-governmental groups will blur more
and more as unelected local groups make
policy decisions using the Delphi
technique to manufacture consensus the
Chinese and Russian models are
instructive in what you can expect under
the war on terror is a communitarian
plan designed to terrorize you
you can see that the groundwork for this
has been laid and is being implemented
throughout the nation when you create
deep dependence and then withdraw
assistance the result is chaos and
poverty propaganda infuses our culture
with messages that there are just a few
winners and many losers that we are
killing the earth and time is running
that prosperity is an anachronism and
detrimental to life that individual
freedom is selfish and injures those who
are less free the messages are crafted
to shame and pressure you and to create
a sense of urgency that impairs your
ability to reason clearly welcome to the
New World Order let's remember folks
this is not about politics this is about
truth let's pay attention let's get our
heads out of the circus focus focus at
home your own backyard your own local
government find out what's going on
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