Rockefeller, Clinton, UFOs & Counterfeit Christ

continuing with our study of unity from
fear and the United Nations role in
creating a one-world government and a
one world religion I offer the following
citation in the description
Clinton rockefeller and UFOs Americans
were surprised a few years ago to
discover that President Clinton supports
the theory of life on Mars his position
on this subject was made known in August
1996 during a press conference at the
same press conference Clinton revealed
that the United States was launching an
unmanned spacecraft scheduled to land on
Mars on July 4th 1997 Independence Day
while many people saw the life on Mars
announcement on television few Americans
were aware of the fact that it came
after the president’s meeting with
Lawrence Rockefeller in Jackson Hole
Wyoming the site of the Rockefeller
family ranch
in his 80s at the time of this writing
and the only living brother of David
had been urging Bill Clinton to
acknowledge the reality of UFOs for some
time these details surfaced in an
article printed in UFO magazine
published by quest publications in the
United Kingdom the article entitled
rockefeller financed UFO reports sent to
world leaders revealed that mr.
Rockefeller financed the creation of a
special 169 page document on UFOs which
he described to a very select audience
heads of state and other key world
figures according to the article only
1000 copies of the special briefing were
printed and it will not be offered for
the magazine described Laurance
Rockefeller as an environmental activist
and venture capitalist who is also
interested in the whole area of
pointed out that he majored in
philosophy at Princeton the influence
Rockefeller wields over Bill Clinton
must be substantial since the president
risked public ridicule by making his
announcement then again if over 70% of
Americans believe in life on other
planets as Paul suggests perhaps the
timing of his announcement wasn’t so
risky after all
his statements undoubtedly calculated
came shortly after the release of the
blockbuster feature film Independence
Day which focuses on the world’s
response to an extraterrestrial
interestingly on August 22nd 1996 CNN
Headline News revealed how humanity
would officially respond to alien beings
should they decide to visit earth
according to this CNN segment which came
only days after Clinton’s announcement
world leaders would follow a three-step
would be an international consultation
among world leaders no nation would be
permitted to respond unilaterally
second a united global response would be
given third this response to
extraterrestrials would occur only
through the United Nations
i sat stunned in front of my television
as I learned of these details I was even
more astonished when the same CNN
segment revealed that world leaders had
reached this consensual agreement for a
United unified response more than two
decades ago
this was written in 1998 so that would
be 1978 or the mid 70s since President
Clinton made his statements a variety of
new primetime programs dealing with
aliens and the paranormal have been
launched on network television the most
popular of these being strange universe
and x-files is humanity being set up
are we being conditioned to accept a
powerful delusion the Bible warns of a
huge deception that would be thrust upon
humanity in the last days the Apostle
Paul prophesied
they perished because they refused to
love the truth
so be saved for this reason God sends
them a powerful delusion so that all
will be condemned who have not believed
the truth but have delighted in
wickedness 2nd Thessalonians
chapter 2
verses 11 and 12
could it be that a staged visitation by
threatening extraterrestrials will be
used to unite mankind under a world
government against a common enemy or
could it be that humanity will be
commanded to unite under a global system
by these alleged beings who claiming to
be more highly evolved than we are must
know what is best for us and are merely
intervening to prevent mankind from
destroying himself either scenario could
work given the gullibility of a godless
humanity or what if these beings are
if so there would be nothing more than
manifested demons beasts
could permit such beings to materialize
for a period of time because of man’s
wickedness and rampant involvement in
the occult sound far-fetched
according to Genesis
Chapter six it happened during the time
of Noah
God sent the flood in response to man’s
out-of-control practices
demonstrated and climaxed by man’s
direct interaction with manifested
demonic beings in Matthew 24 verse 37
jesus warned as it was in the days of
Noah so it will be at the coming of the
Son of Man
could Jesus words among other things
have referred to a global manifestation
of demons taking place immediately prior
to his return to her to destroy this
occult World Order
see second Thessalonians chapter 2
verses 1 through 12
we’ll reveal how the remainder of human
history will unfold but no matter what
happens on this earth we can take
comfort in knowing that our eternity is
secure through Jesus Christ if we
believe on him
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