Newtonian Physics is Lies?

My good friend, AKA Edu, shared an article with me regarding a push to scrap the teaching of Newtonian physics to our children and exchange it wholesale for the “enlightened” theories of Einstein and the vagaries of quantum physics. In fact, the article presents Newtonian physics as “lies”.

Have a look for yourself (after you read this!):

Putting Einstein first: It’s time to stop lying to our children about physics‪

The piece truly reads like a paid propaganda tract from a Non-Governmental Organization. The author refers to Newtonian physics as “lies”, which is neither accurate nor honest. The article qualifies theoretical physics in the same context with physical science. This conflation of terms seems an intentional blurring of the lines between physical, observable reality and theoretical postulations. The author further asserts that so-called “quantum” should be the standard in the classroom. No explanation for what “quantum” actually means is given in this context. Right off the top, the obvious problem with venturing to teach quantum to kids at the grade-school level as a defined curriculum is that, according to theoretical physicist Richard Feynman, nobody understands quantum physics and those who say they do, lie. It’s a very complicated theoretical discipline. 

So, there we see something that qualifies more like a “lie”. Not that quantum isn’t useful, it surely is a useful field that deserves to be pursued; by Theoretical Physicist and Philosophers of Science. The idea that we could or should remove Newtonian physics from our children’s traditional curriculum is, at best, wrongheaded and, at worst, sounds like a push from the Luciferian left who would surely seek to have full control of all brains at all times if possible. And what better way to institute that level of control than to remove Newtonian physics from our children’s education. Whatever this phenomenon is that we call gravity, and whatever the true nature of the blackness beyond that we call space, I defy anyone to get through the simplest tasks of everyday life without paying incessant, mostly unconscious, homage to Newtonian physics.

I am no physicist and make no claims beyond that of common sense, but Nikola Tesla felt strongly enough to call Einstein a “fuzzy haired crackpot”. Whether or not Einstein’s contributions are 100% legitimate or not, Tesla’s opinion on the matter should remind us all to keep a healthy skepticism for those who would like to suggest scrapping stable tradition for flighty new age ideals. Be reasonable, folks.

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