A Prayer for Ministry

My Lord, Almighty God everlasting – how dreadful is this world! Behold how it seduces the flesh to capture the soul with disguised death, and how weak my faith as I plunge into the sea like Peter when his eyes diverted from Jesus.

Oh, the weakness of the flesh, and the cunning power of Satan. If I were to depend upon any strength of this world – all would be lost.

My Lord, my God! Help me against the ‘wisdom’ of this world. Do this, I pray of You; do this by Your own mighty power.

This work is not mine, but Yours. I have no business here. I have nothing to contend for with these worldly men of renown. Who am I to stand against the artifice, the rhetoric and the will of giants; to outlast the wiles of the devil?

My own will would gladly pass my days in leisure and peace. But this cause is Yours! And it is righteous and everlasting! Therefore, I serve!

My Lord, Help me! Faithful and unchangeable God! Help me to serve You!

I lean not upon man nor my own understanding. If I should it would be in vain. This world is deceived through vanity and pride. Even the church, serving two masters, stands with one foot in faith and one foot in the world. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Whatever proceeds from his heart is vanity and sure to fail. 

My Lord! My God! I know you live! I know you hear my unworthy pleas.

You have chosen me for this work and I know it! Therefore, my Lord, my God, accomplish your will through me! Use me as Your own instrument!

I pray You never withdraw Your Spirit nor Your hand from my path, in the name of Your well-beloved Son, and my Savior, Jesus Christ; He is my defense, my surety, and my stronghold.

My Lord, my God, Come! I pray of You, Your servant longs to do Your will! Come now and find me prepared to lay down my life for Your truth, I would suffer like a lamb for Your will because it is holy. It is Your own!

I will not let go of You! Now and for all eternity I hold fast to Your will! 

And though this world is filled with devils and though I should be thrown forth, trampled under foot and reduced to ashes, my soul is Yours! I have Your own word to assure me of it. 

My soul belongs to You, and I will abide in You forever! Amen! 

My Lord, send help! Your servant is listening, waiting. I am nothing without You. My God, send help, now! Glorify Yourself through me!


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