Church Finder

Our protocol for qualifying churches for consideration:

  • Reformed theology (affirm their statement of faith)
  • Ordinances
    • Regular offering of Lord’s Supper/Communion
    • One baptism as outward symbol of inner change
  • Expository (verse by verse) preaching
  • Practice church discipline (to protect the flock)
  • Examine website for consistency
  • Watch or listen to available sermons online
  • Ensure the church is a reasonable distance from the seeker
  • Led by a body of elders
  • Provide membership classes (to protect the flock)

Additional important reading:
What is the purpose of the church? 
What are appropriate reasons for missing church?

Please report back to us about your experience with any of these churches you visit. We use a very specific protocol for qualifying church suggestions, but the in-person experience must match the written doctrine. That’s where we would appreciate your help! If you find these churches too far to travel or find the church was not as described, please let us know. We are here to assist you in finding a faithful body of believers with which to worship and grow in your sanctification.