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00:00 Did Constantine change the Bible?
19:20 Has the Bible been corrupted?
29:00 Is Easter a pagan holiday named after Ishtar?
38:08 Can a Christian celebrate Christmas?
54:08 Are they hiding Jesus’ life between ages 12-30?
56:53 Why do the Apocrypha not belong in the Bible?
1:12:37 Why does Jesus say thinking of the sin is as bad as committing the sin?
1:20:40 Does God test us to see who will remain faithful?
1:28:30 Does God save us or can we cause our salvation?
1:40:09 Can a Christian lose his salvation?
1:48:52 Should a Christian support Israel?
1:58:05 Is God done with Israel?
2:14:10 Does religion control people?
2:23:37 Is religion the “opium for the masses?”

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Links and Sources about the Council of Nicea:

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List of Major Church Councils and The Topics Covered

The Millennium – The Rapture: # Major Teachings

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