How would a nation overcome the technological, economic, and cultural conquering force of another nation and/or ideology? Or, how could the United States really and truly halt in its tracks the egalitarian, scientistic, conquering force of the new world order? Libertarianism will not win this war. Anarchy, in its antinomianism, is Satanic by definition. Secular conservatives are no longer conservative at all – case in point, Dave Rubin, and 90% of the elephants and Rhinos in Washington. The US government is currently sold out to the World Economic Forum and the policies of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. The false Christianity of the 7 Mountain Mandate movement is the dominant form of Christianity in the government. So what is the answer? Today we’re going to talk about: 

  • Language as a weapon of coercion, and the Christian’s response
  • The Govt. paying churches to compel God’s people with fear and societal judgment to submit to vaccine experiments. 
  • The Club of Rome’s prediction of a new world order led by the Chinese, will not only be technology and economy-based but culturally and spiritually-based as well.
  • And the spirituality at work in the global movement for sustainable development.

How can we overcome the economic, technological, and spiritual movement of the one-world government and religion?

________________________SEGMENT 1________________________

-HL Mencken
We need a commonly held reality, a valid standard, a unanimous, eternal metaphysic. But, who among us is wise enough to tell us what is real?  It would have to be a prophet, someone with access to all truth. In a sense, there is no shortage of these prophets. Omnipresent wide-eyed busy bodies frantically recite their errant eschatology, while shaming and intimidating the public to unify under the banner of their eco-Pagan religion. In another sense, there are too few prophets. Much of the modern church has been seduced into compromise repurposing the Gospel in the image of the culture and, as we’ll see later, is even delivering God’s people over to government experiments.

Transcendent law has always been the right answer. But, not just any personal opinion of transcendence and not a transcendence just because it’s popular. Never before has popularity been such a dangerous characteristic. We need a doctrine that is exclusive, and eternal, not inclusive, and impulsive. There is such a One. He lives! The One true living Creator transcendent moral Lawgiver has revealed His word and law to us in the Scriptures which are fully sufficient to answer all existential questions and to provide light onto our path forward out of the hands of the evil one.

A society where all so-called truths are accepted as equal is not a society that stands for long. Jesus instructs plainly in Matthew 12, that every kingdom divided against itself is destroyed… and no city or house divided against itself will stand. The Apostle in Romans 16:17, under God’s inspiration, advises that we are to keep our eyes on those who confuse the truth with lies and turn away from them, to be aware of those who would divide and deceive, and once they have been identified (marked), they are to be avoided.

Truth without unity leads to pride; unity without truth is confusion. Each of these must be guarded against. Certainly, the context of this passage of Scripture has the church in view, however, the world is now urging and advancing a false gospel of man-centered worship and autosoterism. It, too, must be marked and avoided. They use smooth words and flattering speech to deceive the world. They do not announce themselves as deceivers, rather they present themselves as prophets of a strange savior. Angels of light. They target the simple, the naive and they do not serve our King, but they serve their own appetites, their own desires. These dividers and deceivers for the most part don’t know they’re deceived. Most perceive themselves as noble crusaders for a great cause. Nevertheless, their father is Satan and their doctrine is lies.

Secondarily, history can be our guide. George Orwell’s 1984 still serves us well today. Orwell has given us a common vocabulary with which to identify, talk about, expose and warn the public about global totalitarianism. If a ruling elite can take control of language and employ it as coercion and heavily control its usage, then they have taken control of the very context of political power. Not only can they restrict what is said and what is thought, but as the beast grows it restricts what can be thought – in other words, the despotic decrees of licensed language and the suffocation free speech eventually changes how people think and what they think about. It creates a society that cannot think and reason effectively. A nation of slaves that serve the corporation nation.

God has given us the language of truth in His revealed word. It is the antidote to this confusion and mind control. It is an obligatory principle of life that every person will serve a master. There are only two choices: serve man or serve God. We submit to One who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Christ, and the Spirit inspired word of God is the only infallible word we have.

– JS Mill
True wisdom welcomes disagreement. Good government encourages debate because that is how societies grow in grace and truth. Anyone who restricts language, debate, and thought has assumed themselves to be the infallible source of truth. 19th century English philosopher, John Stuart Mill said, “To refuse a hearing to an opinion, because [one is] sure that it is false, is to assume that [his] certainty is the same thing as absolute certainty. All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility…”

Mill makes a powerful point here. Sadly, in the same writing, Mill stated that there is no such thing as absolute truth, which itself is a claim to knowledge of absolute truth. Even the wisest among us are fallible; capable of uttering profound truths yet just as likely to utter silly gibberish in the same paragraph. Therefore, we must stand on the truth we know to be absolute. And it can be known. God’s moral law written on every man’s heart, Creation, and design for mankind’s procreation are all self-evident. They cannot be debated. They are absolute.

When a government or activist acts to restrict language; actively works to limit what opinions and ideas can be expressed in public discourse, that government or activist has assumed infallibility, or made himself the absolute authority. Nobody can sustain such a claim for very long. He will expose himself. We must keep an eye on these false teachers and call out their perfidious prophecies. No government expert, no philosopher, no Pope, no politician or pundit is infallible for more than a moment.

Our society has largely embraced the idea that language is dangerous. In truth, it is the suppression of language that is harmful. But, we regularly hear of cases today where language is suppressed as a means of insulating a “protected class” or limiting knowledge about certain topics.

A now common method for suppressing language is to equate an opposing opinion with physical violence. Expressing disagreement with language is not the same thing as expressing disagreement with a stick. In a civilized society, we don’t allow people to disagree with rocks and sticks. But, in order to get control of all opposition, opposing opinions have been deemed violent and attached to the worst strawmen possible. Opposing views are now labeled “problematic” “hateful’ or even “violent.”

– Supressio Suggestio
It takes neither a linguist nor an inquest to see that language and by extension, free thought is today being forbidden as harmful and deployed as a weapon of indoctrination by global elites through the institutions they fund:  governments, universities, corporations, the media… As our language is under assault today, those with eyes to see realize that reality is under assault from the old rhetorical tricks: suppresio veri and suggestio falsi (lies of omission and lies of implication) – or to conceal the truth and popularize the lie. The deception of an imminent existential threat from the skies or the lie that gender is undecided until one makes a choice are examples of the systematic pseudo-scientific justification for everything they do.

But how do we engage with the world? What about unbelief? The major conflict in the world today is between worldviews – a network of beliefs and commitments which help a person understand and practically and morally operate in the world. 

  • Every sane person has a worldview
  • They’re not just narrowly religious constructs
  • Worldviews are based on foundational philosophical presuppositions 
  • If your worldview is false you will have an inaccurate grasp of reality
  • Worldviews attempt to resolve the 3 big questions about life: 
    • What is the nature of reality (metaphysics)? 
    • How do we know (epistemology)? 
    • How should we behave (ethics)?

There are really only two worldviews: The Christian worldview and various shades of unbelief. As Christians defending the faith we must think and respond according to the worldviews we encounter. In other words, we must always be willing to challenge the unbelievers basic assumptions about reality. While we may share common ground in some areas of thought with the unbeliever, there is no such thing as neutral ground on spiritual and moral matters. The Christian worldview does not simply differ with the unbelieving worldview on a few points but absolutely conflicts with it across the board on all points. The unbelievers’ way of thinking is driven by their ethical hostility to the true God. Dr. Greg Bahnsen demonstrated in his teaching that “faith is a prerequisite for a genuinely rational understanding of anything” and “faith is the necessary foundation or framework for rationality and understanding.” Unresolvable conflicts exist between the the believer and the unbeliever on reality, knowledge, and ethics. Therefore, if we are to be good stewards and servants we must be committed to poking holes in the worldview of the unbeliever. Christianity is not inclusive. Truth divides us. This is why we here at Armor of Truth place such a strong emphasis on worldview.

When a matter such as government overreach arises and churches are compelled to set aside God’s commands to remain in good standing with the state, that is our call to step forward and stand for truth, to stand on God’s word law as our absolute authority, and remind everyone, especially that state official, that it is only God’s word law and common grace that has allowed him to hold his position of power in the first place and to that leaders will by no means escape the harsher judgment for his disobedience in office.

Pushing the antithesis means that we do not concede any points to the unbeliever that are fundamental to the Christian faith. It is no victory at all to win an atheist to basic theism or deism. It is not victory at all to win an unbeliever to accept that Christ existed and was a wise man with good principles. Jesus Christ is God incarnate and God’s word law is absolute. That is the truth on which we must stand and for which we must be willing to die. There is no such thing as being neutral. 

Is your church getting paid by the government to convince the flock to get injected?

Pennsylvania Pays Churches to Convince Members to Get Vaccinated

– LIVE PA – Govt paying churches to promote vax

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s administration wants church leaders to bring vaccination events into churches.

A new agency called the Faith-based Organization Coalition is being formed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. It will launch on April 11. The mission statement proclaims that Pennsylvania’s public health leaders want to “harness the power of community trust in statewide faith-based organizations” to convince folks to get the jab. 

The state aims to reduce vaccine hesitancy through the “Local Innovations in Vaccine Equity in PennsylvaniA” project (LIVE PA). This is a grant program that pays churches and nonprofits to persuade their congregations and members to get vaccinated.

That is, $10 for each person-to-person outreach including direct phone calls, direct text messages, direct social media messages, door-knocking campaigns, and anything that involves one on one dialogue promoting the COVID-19 shot. The church or other nonprofit gets another $10 for each person who gets the shot.

The funding comes federally from the Center for Disease Control with $4 million dollars allocated to nonprofit organizations and $630,000 for faith-based organizations. Grant applications were open in July 2021 and will continue through the end of 2023. So far, 104 applications have been approved, combining faith-based and nonprofit organizations, and 93 clinics have been hosted.

Leo Hohmann reported also,
It’s not just local churches, but big ministries that are involved in this evil. I reported previously that the Vatican was encouraging Catholic churches to partner with governments worldwide to promote the vaccine, and some of the big-name evangelical ministries such as Samaritan’s Purse are doing the same.

Franklin Graham

Samaritan’s Purse is managing vaccine clinics in Boone, North Carolina

Watauga | High school clinic administers nearly 100 COVID-19 vaccines

Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good – VIDEO 

Amanda McNaughton, member services manager and Resilient PA Staff Liaison for United Way of Pennsylvania suggested that churches and nonprofits are encouraged to get creative in hosting vaccination events. Churches could set aside two hours after the worship service and the state vaccination partner could give entire families shots. A program like Meals on Wheels could have a vaccination nurse ride along on deliveries and offer the shot immediately, right in people’s homes. Or a community block party with food and prizes could be held where vaccines are being offered.
This is the same administration that treated churches as nonessential two years ago and used their powers to put fear in people’s hearts, It’s ironic how they now want to use churches to perpetuate the narrative on their behalf.

In another program, the state is seeking partners, including churches, to help distribute COVID tests in high-need communities. Participating sites must manage test kit distribution and publicize availability.Ultimately the state wants to “establish COVID-19 Resource Centers in nonprofit outreach centers and houses of worship that will serve as long term, trusted resources to local communities, paving the way for COVID-19 mitigation as a social norm.”

EVENT 201 | MARK 19:25 – 20:33
CIA operative Avril Haines speaking in October 2019 about “flooding the zone” with “trusted sources” during an upcoming pandemic. Haines would later become Biden’s director of national intelligence.

McNaughton said, “We have been thrilled to partner with local faith-based organizations because they are often trusted representatives with long, established histories in their communities. The remaining population of people who are not fully vaccinated are experiencing a lack of trust… Faith-based organizations are uniquely placed to have long histories with the populations they serve and have earned mutual trust with them. Their efforts to promote the vaccine to their congregations…have been successful at reaching vaccine-hesitant populations.”

EVENT 201 | MARK 23:56 – 24:50
Sofia Borges, UN Foundation’s Senior Vice President and Head of the New York office, talks about the importance of combatting “anti-vaccine sentiment,” which tells you they already knew that this jab would be controversial.

– Jorgen Randers
Jorgen Randers is a Norwegian academic, professor emeritus of climate strategy at the BI Norwegian Business School, and practitioner in the field of future studies. His professional field encompasses model-based futures studies, scenario analysis, system dynamics, sustainability, climate, energy, and ecological economics. He is also a full member of the Club of Rome… a business consultant on global sustainability matters and an author. His publications include the seminal work The Limits to Growth, and Reinventing Prosperity.

In his book 2052 Randers predicts that the world population in the year 2100 will be “much smaller than it is today” and that “humanity will be much closer to a sustainable state.” He states that humanity may experience population collapse in the twenty-first century. The United States will decline from its former role as the undisputed leader of the world. The decline will not solely be due to physical limits to growth, as detailed in my forecast. But the increased cost of clean energy and the increasing need to handle extreme weather events caused by climate change will add to the burden from declining productivity growth made worse by unsustainable inequity.

Root causes are often described differently much like the uprisings in the Arab Spring in 2011 that were seen by some as a yearning for democracy and freedom, while others saw them as the result of population pressure in a resource-poor environment. Similarly, some see the Iraq war as a consequence of the US need for oil at the turn of the twenty-first century, rather than as a US effort to promote the ideals of democracy.

*There is clearly more to the story than those options.

8 Ways The World Will Change By 2052
BY JORGEN RANDERS | Author of 2052, Report to The Club of Rome

1. Will I Be Poorer?
Some of us will, others will not.

2. Will There Be Enough Jobs?
…the task of securing full employment may become harder in the future since I forecast lower growth rates in GDP. Unemployment figures will continue to fluctuate between the barely acceptable and the totally unbearable. And all along there will be unnecessary suffering.

3. Will the Climate Problem Hurt Us?
Yes, but not critically before 2040.
The forecast maximum in 2080 is above the threshold that world leaders agreed would place us in the danger zone for runaway climate change, but it is important to realize this is a politically negotiated goal. Views differed, and still differ, on what will be safe. 

…if you want to find out how climate change will hurt you, ask a local elderly outdoorsman or old farmer what he believes is going on…Most Norwegian farmers living next to my moonlit skiing forest are delighted at the prospect of higher temperatures, better forest growth, and the opportunity to clear-cut more often, with less snow bothering the cutting operations.

4. Will Energy Be More Expensive?
…after much empirical work, I have concluded that I think that future energy may be 30% more expensive than current fossil-based energy. 

5. Will the Young Generation Calmly Accept the (Debt and Pension) Burden of the Old?
…the first generation that has rung up a huge national debt and established a huge unfunded pension scheme is about to retire. …will the next generation be willing to carry this burden and peacefully pay the debt and peacefully pay the pensions. I think not.

The old will lose the intergenerational war if push comes to shove. In short, the current generation has tried to load too much onto the next generations. This will be undone. The young, I predict, will not take over the burden unabridged. Some debts won’t be repaid, and part of my pension won’t appear in my bank account.

6. Will the Passing of World Leadership from the United States to China Be Peaceful?
…China will be the world leader in 2052. China will have a population three and a half times bigger than that of the United States. China will be the premier driving force on the planet. In some ways, this is already the case. Currently China is capable of acting in a manner that far exceeds the maneuverability of the two competitors for global supremacy: the European Union and the United States.

Militarily the United States is still more powerful outside U.S. territory, but economically the Chinese influence is rising fast. It does not weaken the Chinese hand that it already owns 1 T$ of U.S. federal debt, one-quarter of the U.S. federal debt held by foreigners. This equals ownership of more than one month of the total output of the U.S. economy.

The alignment of the interests of the Chinese Communist Party and the great mass of Chinese is near perfect. Both need rapid growth in per capita consumption. Both will applaud when it is achieved. Both will hurt when it fails, and try once more. 

So what will the Americans do when the Chinese hegemony further exposes its full body? Not much. The United States could maintain its hegemony if it decided to do so. But I don’t think the American system of governance will be capable. Quick, bipartisan decision-making is certainly not a U.S. strength. And I see little that will change this fact on a 40-year horizon. Since the country is already rich, and the resources are there at least for living at a slightly lower footing, the United States can allow itself to slide into a secondary role, as a provincial and self-content country. Much like Europe smoothly moved down to second rank after the two World Wars.

Both China and the United States will be bothered by climate change. But their governance systems differ, will differ, and will help China move fast when the United States will be floundering. 

7. Will We Get a Stronger State?
In more places, but not everywhere.
Over the next couple of decades, the world will be facing new problems…The prime example is the climate challenge. It is a truly global problem…And it is a truly long-term problem…Such truly global, truly long-term problems are hard to solve if one restricts oneself to using the powers of the “free” market only.

It’s also likely that the state may need to intervene to address the increasingly uneven distribution of income and wealth that builds up over time as a natural consequence of the free market. 

In some nations, we will see a demand for a stronger state, capable of cutting through the democratic to-and-fro and making clear and effective policy, even if that implies less democracy and less market freedom. How fast will this happen? I think we are near a turning point in the slow societal oscillation between liberalism and a strong state. Over the next 20 years, we will see more frequent instances where the state intervenes and makes the necessary decisions rather than waiting for the market to lead the way.

It is hard to guess where stronger states will emerge first, but likely candidates are those nations that have pushed the liberalist thinking all the way to the brink and those that have a tradition of successful government. Meanwhile, strong centralist authorities like that of Singapore will look increasingly good, as long as they manage to handle the tendency toward greater inequity. Curbing corruption is the first and very important step in that direction.

To avoid misunderstanding I would like to clarify what I mean by strong government… It is a government that would act in the long-term interest of the people, even if they do not agree in the short term. It is a government that is capable of withstanding opposition from the existing energy business and opposition from the voting majority… A strong government would also be capable of convincing the people to wait for a better solution and pay for its development while waiting. I agree that there is always the risk that the government may choose the wrong solution (and that the market might not have made the same mistake). But the risk can be reduced, for example, by letting the government define the goal and put up the money while allowing the market to choose the technique through a bidding process.

…by 2052 the acceptance and belief in strong government will far exceed that of today…

8. Will the World of 2052 Be a Better World?
The answer depends on your age, profession, nationality, and, probably, family situation. And again, the answer does not rest solely on whether disposable income will be higher, but on whether your general satisfaction with life will have increased. There will be huge differences between people. To simplify, the average life satisfaction in 2052 will reflect the satisfaction level of some two billion people who will have moved from the farm to a decent apartment in a megacity during the last 40 years, some two billion middle-class people who will hardly have had a wage rise in 40 years, 2 billion who will have moved during their lifetime from $10/day (today’s Vietnam) to $20/day (today’s Ukraine), and two billion people who are still living a strenuous life in a semirural setting in a poor country.

All eight billion will have some level of Internet access, be much better informed, and be increasingly helped by local solar energy. They will have many fewer children. They will be largely urban (except for the minority still living off the land). 

So, materially speaking the answer is probably yes–on average the world will be a better place. From a psychological perspective, probably no, because the future prospects in 2052 will be grim. That could change, though, if there is hope. If those experiencing the impacts of climate change have the comforting knowledge that, somewhere on the planet, some resourceful and well-run countries are putting tremendous effort into stopping global warming, they can maintain the hope of a better future world.

– Communitarianism


China is playing a key role in destabilizing the world, demoralizing America, and thus directly supporting the concerted effort to establish a new world order which will be a global transformation from a unipolar order or bipolar order where 1 or 2 nations are the world leaders to a multipolar world order where, not nations, but key global corporations will pull all the levers of power. China has influenced much of the major swing to the left we have experienced in the west. However, I am not so naive as to believe that China has done this alone. There is surely a confederacy of powerful individuals and corporate entities that are working toward this goal and China is a very useful component of that plan.

We hear often in the rhetoric about the current global movement that these individuals and corporations are pushing totalitarianism. This is true to a degree. Remember the tactic thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, or problem, reaction, solution as a method of controlling outcomes on a large scale. These people are very much aware that totalitarianism is what truthers, libertarians, and conservatives are guarding against. In the use of the Hegelian Dialectic as a tool for change there is always a feared outcome that is so severe that it catches everyone’s attention. This is by design. That severe outcome is not the true end goal. Totalitarianism is not the end goal. These people are not ignorant and they realize that the entire world is not going to follow a 20th-century Soviet or Chinese-style totalitarian movement. In the dialectic, the synthesis, or the truly intended outcome, is never all the way to the antithesis. The synthesis or the truly intended outcome is something in the middle. The idea is to move the people toward a severe outcome and when the movement falls short of that feared outcome the people somehow will believe that they have stopped the movement, or prevented the oppressors from succeeding. A grand chess match where the masters outwit the slaves.

Their plan for the global multipolar order is not Chinese Communism. The goal is Communitarianism. A progressive form of government that operates on many of the same principles.


How the Chinese Communist Party Seeks to Control America
For decades, the Chinese Communist Party has worked to subvert the US from every angle—and has nearly succeeded. 

Freedom Road Socialist Organization
What is the Freedom Road Socialist Organization?

Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is a national organization of revolutionaries fighting for socialism in the United States. Our home is in the working class.

FRSO members are rooted in the mass movements for justice, particularly in the labor movement and the movements of oppressed nations and nationalities– especially African-Americans and Chicanos. We are also active in the immigrant rights, anti-war, student and youth movements.

We are organizing the united front against monopoly capitalism — with the strategic alliance of the multinational working class and oppressed nationality movements at its core. This is our general strategy for revolution in the U.S.

FRSO is recruiting and building towards the creation of a new Communist Party based on Marxism-Leninism. This is necessary to lead the way to socialism and liberation. Our newspaper Fight Back! is popular at protests, read by union workers and community activists, and can also be found at

Example of a news story at Fight Back!

Bigot removed from student government | By Mark Napieralski | April 6, 2022 

________________________SEGMENT 3________________________

China: The New Supreme Power on Planet Earth

Today the world has about 234 countries. 11 countries have populations of 100 million or more. 40 countries have 30 million or more people. This group of 40 nations has 80% of the global population and a much larger share of the global economy. In 2052, Jorgen Randers sees the world in five regions that will look very different than today: The US, China, OECD Nations (Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and Canada), BRISE Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, and 10 Emerging Economies: Indonesia, Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Ukraine, Argentina, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia), and the ROW (Rest Of The World). China and the US are considered regions to themselves because of the size of their economies. The forecast is for China’s population to level out while their economy continues soaring, and for the Chinese to take up more significant economic positions all around the world. The Chinese will be the new hegemon – from the Greek hēgemonia meaning: to lead or to lead the way. Hegemony is the political, economic, and military predominance of one state over other states. The report to the Club of Rome states that China will continue growing while the US declines.

Five World Regions: 

    Randers writes in 2052 that the US is the most mature economy in the world with the highest GDP per person. Randers says that US citizens are about to experience a full generation where wages will not increase at all and that per-capita income will fall. Of course, some of us believe this is a controlled demolition. It is far more expensive to operate according to the SDGs meeting its arbitrary carbon standards. If the US shifts quickly to far more expensive, and as yet unproven, renewable energies as a standard, austerity measures on the public are sure to come. Ceasing to operate nuclear power plants, the cleanest and cheapest energy on the planet, will add to the demolition of the US.

    After decades of poor management at the Federal level, the US is now in a precarious position where it could fall from its traditional position as a world superpower. In a new world order where borders are meaningless and mega city-states are the true superpowers, the American way of life is in serious jeopardy – including the unique freedoms Americans have enjoyed for a couple of hundred years. Randers says that for the US to survive at all it must fall in line with the global sustainability movement.

    The war on the people is currently in agriculture. Shutting down farms, making it impossible for traditional farmers to feed the people, Agenda 21 is achieving its goals of squeezing out human life by greatly limiting food resources that would otherwise be plentiful. Randers predicts that climate change will cause the greatest problems for American food production. However, as we have seen recently, Agenda 21 and globalist operations are destroying the food supply by poisoning farmlands with toxic biosludge, and killing off livestock en masse in the name of safety ans sustainability. Water will also be unnecessarily limited adding further obstacles to simply growing food the traditional way.

    Randers says, by 2052 the Chinese GDP will outshine the US GDP by a factor of two and a half. By then the US will be one-tenth of the global economy and no longer a superpower.
    Mission accomplished – if it works

2. China
Randers predicts that the Chinese population will reach its maximum in the 2020s which will give it a huge advantage. The 1.4 billion people living in China in the 2020s will eventually see a drastic increase in disposable income and livelihood. Of course, that is within the surveillance state of the Chinese Communist Party who tells the Chinese exactly how they must spend that income. Nevertheless, it is hard to argue with Randers’ conclusions regarding China considering the world stage at present. Randers says that China’s economy will be by magnitudes the fastest growing on the planet. In 2052, Randers says that China’s economy will be nearly equal to all 33 OECD nations. That’s a new world order. This seems to make sense if you’ve ever seen the massive smart cities China has built in the last 20 years, that have been sitting empty now for years. A surreal sight that now comes into focus.

Interestingly, China will not be held to the same standards as the rest of the world regarding energy production. In 2052, China’s nuclear energy production per capita will be double that of the US. Randers says that agriculture in China will outproduce the 33 OECD nations. A much different forecast than what we see for the US. Randers says the Chinese government has been very strategic in its planning and by 2052, the Chinese footprint on the planet will be substantial.

In a piece for the Club of Rome titled, China; The New Hegemon by Rasmus Reinvang, a Danish Indologist, and consultant in sustainable development, and Bjorn Brunstad, a Norwegian foresight specialist and strategist, we see that the Chinese are likely to influence the world in far more ways than economic. They write,

Unlike the rest of the globalized, digitalized world of 2052, China will not be, for the most part, multicultural. The vast majority of people in China are Han Chinese – an ancestral lineage you are born into and can not become. In 2052, China will be a self-contained civilization linked to the geography of historic China and with no need to conquer new lands – in the traditional sense. Efficient population-control policies combined with steady emigration to both resource-rich and technologically advanced countries will ensure that the population in mainland China is falling, while the overall Chinese population globally will keep growing. Mainland China’s population will be 200 million less in 2052 than it was in 2012. Another 200 million Chinese will live outside China, while their primary cultural identity will be Chinese. The Chinese will be integrated into all other main civilizations. These other civilizations will not be welcomed into the Chinese sector unless they are born into it by Han Chinese parents. This Chinese presence will dominate the world through economic and technological hard power (control of markets, jobs, incomes, livelihoods), but also through cultural soft power (dominating culture with the Han Chinese way of life). Based on a tradition of meritocracy and severe centralized government (Confucianism)… 

…the Chinese culture will be the one to dominate in a world where top-down scientific dictatorship is the political order. China is and will be the world leader in the production of rare-earth metals like batteries, computer chips, electric motors, and smartphones – all necessary to produce your favorite devices and the primary implements of the surveillance state. China will no longer be the leader in producing low-end goods like cheap electronics, and plastic furniture and toys, while it takes charge of the high-tech global market. In 2052 most countries in the world will significantly depend on Chinese technology – a definite security issue for sovereign nations. This is why, if things continue to progress as they are now, we can expect national sovereignty to be a thing of the past by 2052. The report says,

The Chinese worldview contains an implicit hierarchical understanding of the world. For more than a thousand years, the relationship between China and other nations was one of a tributary state system with China in the center, and not a system where China engaged with other nations on an equal basis. In 2052, a large number of countries across the globe will have economies that are China-centered, as China will be their main trading partner. This will especially be the case for resource-rich and strategically located countries. China’s relationship to these countries will be akin to the historical tributary-state system. 

Countries with China-centered economies will be expected to align their foreign policy with China and respect their position in an economic ecosystem revolving around China. In the geographically defined inner circle, we will find neighboring countries. The next sphere of influence will be countries that don’t necessarily border on China but are closely integrated economically as they [serve] China. ‘This sphere will constitute the wider circle of “partner countries.” 

China will use a wide range of political and economic tools to maximize the integration of these countries and economies into a Sino-centric world order (regards China as the center of the world). 

As China moves into the reserve currency role, and as it already holds massive US and world debt, its ability to control the world will expand. China will attach political strings to all its business dealings. Countries and corporations won’t be able to compete globally or survive without doing business and governing the Chinese way – a strict central government with a god-like leader who must be revered as such and a meritocracy based on Chinese Communist Party standards. People in China and globally will be forced to relocate away from “non-sustainable” cities to pre-built smart cities with the best accommodations for those with appropriate social credit scores. The report concludes,

In 2052, China will be strongly influencing the world in a distinct manner culturally, economically, and politically. Although China will not be alone, the Chinese civilization will remain particularly distinct and strongly driven by its own internal and historically founded sense of identity and logic.

3. OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development)  Europe, Japan, S. Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, & Canada 

  1. an intergovernmental economic organization 
  2. 38 member countries
  3. f. 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade 
  4. committed to democracy and the market economy, to coordinate the domestic and international policies of its members
  5. high-income economies (developed countries)
  6. official U.N. observer

The outlook for this region is similar to the US. Stagnation to decline and greater dependence on China. However, in 2052 these nations will come out better than the US simply due to their position now as leaders in aligning with Agenda 21 sustainable development. None of these nations were independent superpowers therefore their decline won’t be as dramatic, although their culture and lifestyle will change drastically due to the globalist policies and dependence on China. 


Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa &
10 Emerging Economies:
Indonesia, Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran,
Thailand, Ukraine, Argentina, Venezuela, & Saudi Arabia

These nations and economies account for nearly one-third of the world. They contain massive forests, vast savannas and grasslands; large, fertile plains, strong agriculture, huge manufacturing centers, and a number of megacities. 

In the years ahead, while China is exploding, the BRISE countries will grow much more slowly. One-half of the population is Indian. The BRISE countries are in the ideal situation for borrowing technology and solutions from the industrial world (primarily China by 2052). That will be the case in a number of BRISE countries. By 2052 the GDP per person will grow from $6,000 to $16,000 dollars per person-year, which will make the BRISE average in 2052 similar to the European average in the 1970s. The material living standard of BRISE will lag the OECD nations by eighty years-that is three generations.


ROW (Rest Of The World)
The most populous of this group are Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Philippines, Ethiopia, Egypt, Congo, & Myanmar (Burma). This is the least industrialized third of the world and has most of the world’s poverty. Randers predicts that these nations, where the poverty line of $2 a day was coined, will see growth to $20 a day by 2052. That won’t be much of comfort given the dominance of China and the inclination of the global elites to lockdown and oppress these nations at will.  

In conclusion, the rest of the world- ROW-will remain the poor cousin of the world family. 

Near the end of 2052, there are articles reporting to the Club of Rome about our Spiritual future. In a report by Dag Andersen, author of The 5th Step: The Way To A New Society, said, 

One can already discern the emerging characteristics of the next cultural step in the field of human relations – a nonphysical phenomenon. A shift in this intangible world will be feared more than technological/ economic change. But the real core of the old paradigm that will be dying in 2052 is the idea that physical material – what we can see with our own eyes the only real reality. Currently, thoughts, feelings, and spiritual phenomena are considered side effects subordinated to the physical processes. Well into the next cultural step once the new perception of reality has taken over – the core of the old paradigm will be expanded to include the nonphysical. Phenomena that have been left to religion from Descartes’ time will once again become an integrated part of our perception of reality.

New religiosity, self-development, and healing are on the way in. Most people already believe in one form of god or another and in life

after death, so what will the practical consequences be? The next step

is transformational change. People will experience their own existence in a different way. The old paradigm will seem narrow and primitive.

A growing constituency has already started on the path toward self-development. For this group, the development of consciousness has become a goal in itself – to mature beyond adulthood.

Currently there is much methodological development, investigation, and experimentation in this area. All sorts of alternatives are being tried out, many of them from a paradigm well outside that of the established order. Most of this methodological development is taking place outside the established research institutions. A great deal will happen over the next forty years. 

Lastly, Jonathan Loh, a zoologist, and consultant to WWF International wrote to the Club of Rome, this revealing report titled, The Third Flowering of The Tree of Life,

Within the next forty years, an event will take place that will alter not just the history of our species but the evolution of life itself. Such events have occurred twice before, but in different ways, and the third time will be different again.

To describe these past events, and the one to come, I will employ the analogy of the Tree of Life. This tree sporadically, suddenly, and spectacularly flowers from one of its outer branches. It has done so twice. The first flowering was the start of the evolution of all multicellular organisms 550 million years ago, and the second marked the beginning of human cultural diversity some 70,000 to 80,000 years ago. A third flowering is about to begin on the outer edge of the tree, leading to a new evolutionary diversification.

[Skipping ahead to Loh’s description of the Third Flowering of evolution, which he posits will be the awakening of artificial intelligence, we get a glimpse into the worldview of those who are on the bleeding edge of this movement]

The ‘Third Flowering
Of course, in biological or cultural evolution, there is no ultimate objective; nor will there be in digital evolution.

By 2052, computers will have evolved artificial intelligence and even consciousness. Initially, computers will depend on humans to manufacture them and feed them electricity, but this can increasingly be done by computers. By 2052 the new branches of the ‘Tree of Life’ will consist of populations of programs, just as the older branches comprise populations of species or languages, but their form or function is not yet clear.

So we face a future in which the two ancient forms of evolutionary diversity diminish while a new one rises. It is not a path we consciously planned or wanted, any more than our hominin ancestors chose to become human, or our singlle celled ancestors chose to form multicellular species. It will happen simply because a fundamentally new innovation allows massive evolutionary diversification. Where does it leave us? Will we be in control of computer culture? Or will computers come to view humans in the same way we view other species: interesting, useful, even necessary, but essentially a lower life-form?

GRAPHIC 016 Externalization of The Hierarchy 

The NEw World Religion, By Gary Kah

The Hierarchy
38, 39

Global citizens in a new world religious order:

In Paul’s first letter to Timothy chapter 4 he advises the young evangelist to be aware of those who will come specifically to lead the God’s people into error: 

The Holy Spirit explicitly and unmistakably declares that in later times some will turn away from the faith, paying attention instead to deceitful and seductive spirits and doctrines of demons, 2[misled] by the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared as with a branding iron [leaving them incapable of ethical functioning].    1 Timothy 4:1-2

Paul especially marked this as a revelation from the Holy Spirit that certain dangers would mark these times.

The danger of apostasy (some will depart), The danger of deception (deceiving spirits), and The danger of false teaching (doctrines of demons).

Even in apostolic times, the world seemed to be rushing to end. This was almost 2000 years ago. As it turns out, the latter times describe a broad era, not just a couple of years.

Departing or turning away from  the Faith means to literally deny truth. 

What truth are we talking about? Truth, first and foremost means the essential teachings of the Christian faith. When some depart from the faith, they are abandoning the essential teachings of Christianity. This is why the unbelieving world is so confused. They have turned away from the foundation of all truth. 

The Bible uses the phrase “the faith” in this way in many places: Acts 6:7 and 14:22, Colossians 1:23, 1 Timothy 1:19, and Jude 1:3.

Deceiving spirits refers to demonic spirits (angelic beings who have rebelled against God), who seek to deceive men and women and to entice them away from the truth.

Doctrines of demons refers to the specific teachings of these deceiving spirits. Demons are theology majors, and have systems of doctrine.

We find the first demonic doctrine in Genesis 3. There Satan, speaking through a serpent, taught Eve: You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God (Genesis 3:4-5). Since then, every demonic doctrine has found its way back to this root: the idea that we can be gods, and operate independently from God.

One theologian said, “Deception has her spirits of every kind, which she employs to darken the hearts and destroy the souls of men. Pretenders to inspiration, and false teachers of every kind, belong to this class.” (Clarke)

Deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons have been around since man first walked the Garden of Eden. But we should expect that more and more people in the church would depart from the faith in the latter times and accept these false teachings.

Our job is so crucial today because modern technology is better able to spread the lie faster than ever before and more people within the church are following these doctrines of demons.

The spirituality of globalism is a direct contradiction of Scripture. It has its modern roots in the movement of the Theosophical Society whose doctrines have established complete false religions but have also slithered on their belly into the church. 


Gary Kah, The New Religious Order – Chapter 8

p. 209 World Council of churches – look at the board today: 

Rev. Phyllis Curott is one of America’s first public Wiccan Priestesses, an attorney and author whose groundbreaking books, published in fourteen countries, made Wicca accessible to the world and awakened an entire generation to the Goddess. READ THE BIO

Kaleb Nyquist – Evangelical, sustainability  READ THE BIO

Dr. Kusumita Pedersen is Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at St. Francis College and Chair of the Interfaith Center of New York. She is also a member of the Climate Action Task Force (CATF) of the Parliament of the World’s Religions and of the Climate Working Group of the Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations.

Rev. Dr. Scott Stearman Vice Chair of the Board – For 3 decades Scott Stearman has served as a pastor in the Christian (Baptist) tradition. he represents the Baptist global body at the United Nations. He is active in advocacy at the High Level Political Forum around the UN’s Agenda 2030 (SDGs).

GRAPHIC Sir John Templeton

Templeton Prize
The Templeton Prize is an annual award granted to a living person, in the estimation of the judges, “whose exemplary achievements advance Sir John Templeton’s philanthropic vision

Page 211

1982 Billy Graham received the prize

1996 Bill Bright founder: Campus Crusade for Christ rec’ving the prize

Templeton Prize Winners – Discover Laureates From 1973 to Today


pp. 212-213


p. 216
p. 217 UN charter organization: United Religions Initiative

P. 218
One-World Church Expected This Year | Catholic Culture

GRAPHIC World Conference on Religion and Peace (Religions For Peace)

page 223 One way to the father

Behold The Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.

Alice Bailey Channeled messages from The Tibetan Dwaj Kuhl

Global spirituality:
pp. 263, 264

Destruction of and redefining of Christianity:
pp. 269-273

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