A perfect example of social engineering taking root, aka Gnosticism rebranded for the flavor of today: “Algorithms are surfacing content that combines Christian ideas like prosperity gospel with New Age and non-Western spirituality — along with some conspiracy theories.”

Pop Culture Article https://www.vox.com/the-goods/22832827/manifesting-tiktok-astroworld-conspiracy-qanon-religion

“A cultural environment infested with false ideas leads to minds infected with false ideas. And ideas, whether false or true, have consequences. ‘…’ Our cultural environment is imbued with many false ideas. Especially burdened with them is our intellectual high culture. They’ve overwhelmingly embraced a materialistic or naturalistic outlook that sees the natural order, at its most basic, as simply an outworking of blind physical forces. Life, consciousness, and language, to say nothing of truth, beauty, and goodness are thus seen simply as by-products of a material world that at base knows no God, no moral structure, no telos.”

Apologetic Treatment https://mindmatters.ai/2021/12/is-truth-just-what-your-peers-will-let-you-get-away-with-saying/

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